Organic Silica Health Benefits

Minerals are an important part of the human diet because they are necessary for a number of cellular functions, are part of the bone structure and facilitate the breaking down and reorganization of organic nutrition for proper usage in cellular nutrition. Silica quartz is one of these minerals and has been shown to enhance the overall health of individuals.

Health Problems Attributed To Mineral Deficiency
Almost every health condition that is related to aging and the breaking down of vital systems can be linked to a deficiency in necessary minerals. Iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus are vital to cellular respiration and are used by the brain and nervous system as well. Silica quartz is another of these minerals that benefit the health of the individual as it works to maintain the integrity of the body’s connective tissues. A lack of healthy collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides and glucosaminoglycanes means that the connective tissues become weak and unable to support the mass of the body altogether.

A Defense Against Free Radicals
During the process of breaking down nutrition into forms that the body’s cells can use, a number of waste molecules are released into the system. These are known as free radicals and they can have a devastating effect on health unless their numbers are kept under control. Free radicals will bind with other molecules and cause damage to enzymes, DNA strands and even proteins and they can cause a serious drop in the amount of active silica. Increasing the silica quartz in the body is a good defense against these molecular fragments and helps protect the individual from cross-linking, which is the buildup of unwanted macromolecules in the body.

Organic Silalive For Good Health
Silalive is derived from organic sources. Many plants contain large amounts of silica and experts have determined that silica from plants is the best way to take in this necessary mineral. It is easily absorbed and aids the body tremendously in maintaining the desired level of silica quartz throughout the system. As people age it becomes vitally important to increase the amount of silica intake, as many factors linked to aging can decrease the silica present in the body.

Nearly every type of disease has its origins in a chemical imbalance in the body. Whether it be cancer, a dangerous infection or a viral problem the body is more at risk for succumbing to these conditions if a proper level of minerals is not maintained. Silalive is a natural way to keep the desired level of silica present in the body for overall good health, lessening the chances of age-related complications.

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