Orgono Silica- Colloidal Organic Silica supplement

Orgono Living Silica Supplement

There are 2 beneficial forms of silica, organic silica and inorganic silica. Organic silica can be digested and use by the cells of the body. On the other hand Inorganic silica can’t be digested, but it possess natural cleansing properties to help the body detoxify. The most use beneficial form of inorganic silica is known as Diatomaceous earth, as D.E moves through the stomach and digestive tract, it attracts and absorbs fungi, protozoa, viruses, pesticide, toxins, free radicals, drug residues and heavy metals. Diatomaceous earth helps balance the body PH, help get rid of stomach bloating and help you lose weight if combine with proper diet. orgono living silica

Because of the benefits of inorganic and organic silica, it’s recommended to add them both to the diet.

Silalive, is one of the most complete silica supplements as it contains both beneficial form of the mineral, orthosilicic acid and diatomaceous earth.

If you are looking for a source of organic silica only, a quality silica supplement we recommend is Orgono Living Silica.

Orgono living silica is an organic silica supplement, formulate for optimal bioavailability and absorption. Bioavailability refers to the degree a nutrient can be utilized by the cells in the body. Organo silica is the perfect colloidal solution: as its clear odorless, liquid, non-crystalized and no side effects.

The body requires good nutrient and sufient amount of silica, to repair, renew and rejuvenate itself daily. Studies have found that many people suffer from silica deficiency. Silica is recognized for its ability to provide the body; with the raw materials it needs to support healthy bones, cartilage and joints. Silica can be beneficial for anyone regardless of age – athletes, men, and elderly women.

ORGONO Living Silica: is organic silica the body can digest and use. Is recommended to maintain flexibility, for calcium assimilation, reduce swelling, shinny hair and beautiful nails. Silica supports the production of collagen for a healthy looking skin and helps decrease bone de-mineralization. Orgono is effective and safe and has no contradiction interacting with other medication.

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