The best methods to eliminate heavy metals toxicity from your body

We are poisoned, every day, by heavy metals and toxins from everything we consume and everything surrounding us. There is no longer any food that is 100% naturally created, no 100% pure water and even air. Our bodies are forced to fight, day by day, with these pollutants and they are getting weaker to fight on their own, with every generation. Fortunately for us, nature has a solution to offer us, like always. There are many detoxification methods such as hair analysis, chelation and other therapies that encourage our natural capacities to overcome dangerous substances. Let’s have a closer look at these detoxification methods and see what every one of them is all about.

Hair analysis is the first thing to start with, when deciding to start a detoxification therapy. In order to determine how to address the effect, we need to know the nature of the cause. A hair analysis provides so much information about a human being: from his/her DNA structure to the metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, heavy metal toxicity, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. Establishing which the imbalances in our bodily structures are makes it easier for us and the specialists to help bringing our biochemistry to normal standards. This balancing act means to flush the harmful chemicals and bring the needed ones in their specific areas where they can provide nourishment.

You can perform a hair analysis once a year, in order to prevent dangerous diseases. It takes time to get rid of all the accumulated heavy metals and toxins in our bodies, but with patience and good treatments it can be perfectly done.

Natural Ways To Detox

Chelation therapy has amazing effects over the organism. Besides flushing the body of heavy metals and toxins, chelation highly improves all the bodily systems’ functionality to defend themselves against cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancers. heavy-metal-toxicity
Hair analysis and chelation are both methods that require a health care professional in order to be completed. However, there are many other effective and available detox methods that you can do, to get the same results in a more natural way:

Chlorella is a very strong detox agent that functions through chlorophyll, which helps the oxygen travel through our entire body. The oxygenation of blood determines an eradication of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, pesticides, dioxins, mercury, lead, aluminum etc. Chlorella is one of the most amazing health balancers.

Zeolite is a natural occurring mineral known to be one of the most effective detoxifiers nature has to offer. Its structure is very similar to a honeycomb and it has a negative charge. After ingesting zeolite especially created for human consumption, this enters your bloodstream and captures in its honeycomb cages, like a magnet (due to the fact that is negatively charged and dangerous substances are positively charged), all the heavy metals and toxins in the body. After 8 hours of traveling and gathering toxins from your entire body, the zeolite exits the body through urine, taking all the toxins with it.

Apple pectin it is another detox method known to also bind heavy metals and keep them away from being absorbed by the body tissues. It would be a great help to add apple pectin in your daily diet, you will start feeling its great effects in just a week after using it.

We recommend you to check out a Zeolite or Silica supplement to detox the body form heavy metals including aluminum toxicity. Its simply the fastest and most effective way to detox.

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