The best methods to eliminate heavy metals toxicity from your body

We are poisoned, every day, by heavy metals and toxins from everything we consume and everything surrounding us. There is no longer any food that is 100% naturally created, no 100% pure water and even air. Our bodies are forced to fight, day by day, with these pollutants and they are getting weaker to fight on their own, with every generation. Fortunately for us, nature has a solution to offer us, like always. There are many detoxification methods such as hair analysis, chelation and other therapies that encourage our natural capacities to overcome dangerous substances. Let’s have a closer look at these detoxification methods and see what every one of them is all about.

Hair analysis is the first thing to start with, when deciding to start a detoxification therapy. In order to determine how to address the effect, we need to know the nature of the cause. A hair analysis provides so much information about a human being: from his/her DNA structure to the metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, heavy metal toxicity, stage of stress, immune system and glandular activity. Establishing which the imbalances in our bodily structures are makes it easier for us and the specialists to help bringing our biochemistry to normal standards. This balancing act means to flush the harmful chemicals and bring the needed ones in their specific areas where they can provide nourishment.

You can perform a hair analysis once a year, in order to prevent dangerous diseases. It takes time to get rid of all the accumulated heavy metals and toxins in our bodies, but with patience and good treatments it can be perfectly done.

Natural Ways To Detox

Chelation therapy has amazing effects over the organism. Besides flushing the body of heavy metals and toxins, chelation highly improves all the bodily systems’ functionality to defend themselves against cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancers. heavy-metal-toxicity
Hair analysis and chelation are both methods that require a health care professional in order to be completed. However, there are many other effective and available detox methods that you can do, to get the same results in a more natural way:

Chlorella is a very strong detox agent that functions through chlorophyll, which helps the oxygen travel through our entire body. The oxygenation of blood determines an eradication of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, pesticides, dioxins, mercury, lead, aluminum etc. Chlorella is one of the most amazing health balancers.

Zeolite is a natural occurring mineral known to be one of the most effective detoxifiers nature has to offer. Its structure is very similar to a honeycomb and it has a negative charge. After ingesting zeolite especially created for human consumption, this enters your bloodstream and captures in its honeycomb cages, like a magnet (due to the fact that is negatively charged and dangerous substances are positively charged), all the heavy metals and toxins in the body. After 8 hours of traveling and gathering toxins from your entire body, the zeolite exits the body through urine, taking all the toxins with it.

Apple pectin it is another detox method known to also bind heavy metals and keep them away from being absorbed by the body tissues. It would be a great help to add apple pectin in your daily diet, you will start feeling its great effects in just a week after using it.

We recommend you to check out a Zeolite or Silica supplement to detox the body form heavy metals including aluminum toxicity. Its simply the fastest and most effective way to detox.

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Orgono Silica- Colloidal Organic Silica supplement

Orgono Living Silica Supplement

There are 2 beneficial forms of silica, organic silica and inorganic silica. Organic silica can be digested and use by the cells of the body. On the other hand Inorganic silica can’t be digested, but it possess natural cleansing properties to help the body detoxify. The most use beneficial form of inorganic silica is known as Diatomaceous earth, as D.E moves through the stomach and digestive tract, it attracts and absorbs fungi, protozoa, viruses, pesticide, toxins, free radicals, drug residues and heavy metals. Diatomaceous earth helps balance the body PH, help get rid of stomach bloating and help you lose weight if combine with proper diet. orgono living silica

Because of the benefits of inorganic and organic silica, it’s recommended to add them both to the diet.

Silalive, is one of the most complete silica supplements as it contains both beneficial form of the mineral, orthosilicic acid and diatomaceous earth.

If you are looking for a source of organic silica only, a quality silica supplement we recommend is Orgono Living Silica.

Orgono living silica is an organic silica supplement, formulate for optimal bioavailability and absorption. Bioavailability refers to the degree a nutrient can be utilized by the cells in the body. Organo silica is the perfect colloidal solution: as its clear odorless, liquid, non-crystalized and no side effects.

The body requires good nutrient and sufient amount of silica, to repair, renew and rejuvenate itself daily. Studies have found that many people suffer from silica deficiency. Silica is recognized for its ability to provide the body; with the raw materials it needs to support healthy bones, cartilage and joints. Silica can be beneficial for anyone regardless of age – athletes, men, and elderly women.

ORGONO Living Silica: is organic silica the body can digest and use. Is recommended to maintain flexibility, for calcium assimilation, reduce swelling, shinny hair and beautiful nails. Silica supports the production of collagen for a healthy looking skin and helps decrease bone de-mineralization. Orgono is effective and safe and has no contradiction interacting with other medication.

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Silica: The healing component in Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a versatile and inexpressive natural treatment. It provides many benefits and is known for its effective and safe cleansing properties.bentonite

Bentonite clay is mainly made of volcanic ash found is many parts of the world, and has been use to treat medical conditions for centuries. This clay has many benefits such as:
• Balance bacteria in the digestive tract
• Improves the assimilation of nutrients
• Strengths the immune system
• Cleanses skin, color and liver

Bentonite clay is known for eliminating food allergies, viral infections, parasites and colitis. It is effective to treat diabetic neuropathy, wounds, stomach ulcers, insect bites, acne, anemia, diarrhea and alcoholism. It can also help you lose weight and treat digestive conditions.

Bentonite clay possess many healing properties that can be use internally or externally to cleanse and purify the body. When bentonite clay is combined with water, it creates an electrical charge to absorb toxins, pesticides and heavy metals.

Bentonite Clay main ingredients:

Silica (inorganic form of silica):
Silicon is one of the most important ingredients in bentonite clay, as is up to 61% of its makeup. Silica is the most abundant mineral on the earth’s crust, which is also found in your bones, teeth, cognitive tissue, skin, eyes, and organs. Silica is a primary component of collagen, and it contributes to the elasticity of the skin and bones strength.

aluminum is the second most abundant element in bentonite clay, making up about 18% of it. Like silica aluminum is also found on the earth crust.

Iron: makes up about 3% of bentonite clay. Iron is a reactive metallic element on earth’s crust. The human body uses iron to function healthy and normally. The highest concentration of iron in the body is found in blood vessels; here it helps to carry oxygen to the body.

Other ingredients of bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay contains small amounts of other minerals and ingredients. This mineral rich clay contains, 7% of magnesium and sodium and small amounts of calcium, potassium and titanium.

Because of its rich mineral content, bentonite clay is use to treat skin problems of then use in mask treatments. The healing properties of the clay are attribute to its high content of the mineral silica.

To get the necessary levels of silica the body requires daily, we recommend you to check out Silalive silica supplement. Silalive contains both beneficial forms of silica, orthosilicid acid (organic silica) and Diatomaceous earth (inorganic silca).

Diatomaceous earth has many of the healing properties of bentonite clay as is made of 90% silica. Additionally Silalive contains Ortho silicic acid, that can be digested and utilize by the body to help organs, bones, skin, hair and nails.

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The Secret to longevity

Silica a natural source of youth

Silica is an important mineral for longevity and disease prevention.As we get older tissue deterioration happens, when connective tissue can no longer hold on to moisture. Connective tissue is made of elastin, collagen and mucus carbohydrates, which helps in the retention of moisture. The capacity to hold on to moisture determines the life of connective tissue and has direct importance in the prevention of premature aging. All these valuable molecules hold a large amount of silica. Collagen is known as the “glue” that holds us together and is made out of silica. When the body has enough silica glucosaminoglycane, collagen is enhance and will make us look younger.

Silica is essential in collagen formation

Skin, hair and nails are the reflection our body is internal state. Skin is the largest organ in the body and is important to preserve it’s health and appearance. Supplementing with silica can maintain the luster in hair, a tone skin and stronger nails. longevity

To help skin retain its youthful appearance, it’s recommended to follow a consistent silica regimen. It’s a great idea to start supplementing with silica long before the levels of collagen decrease, to the point that your skin already has signals or wrinkles and old age.

Additionally studies have shown that Alzheimer disease is related to Aluminum build up in the brain. Inorganic Silica is an internal cleanser and reduces the accumulation of aluminum in the body. The health benefits of silica seem to be accumulating as more studies about the mineral come out. Silica is the most abundant element on earth, after oxygen. In its crystalline stage silicon (quartz) is the most abundant element on earth crust. When obtained from plant life, is known as organic silica. Organic silica is found in tendons, bones, skin, blood vessels, cartilage and collagen. Silica is found in blood itself, making it vital for important organs such as lungs, liver and heart.

There are 2 beneficial forms of silica, organic silica and inorganic silica, also known as diatomaceous earth. Organic silica is the beneficial form of the mineral that will help with the creation of collagen, as it posses a carbon atom and can be assimilate and use by the body. On the other hand diatomaceous earth is the inorganic form of silica that can’t be digested, and instead works as an internal scrubber, cleansing the body internally.

Diatomaceous Earth (Inorganic Silica):

Diatomaceous are the fossil remains of single cell organism know as diatoms. When this small organism dies their skeletal remains. The sharp structure of diatomaceous earth scrubs the intestinal wall and gets rid of any parasites in the digestive tract. As DE cleanses the digestive tract, it attracts any bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, and drugs residues. D.E also helps clean the colon, helping you lose weight by cleansing the body internally.


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Silica for Bone Health

Silica is an essential mineral for Bone health. As we get older the amount of silica in our body decreases, leading to wrinkles, skin problems, dull hair, weak bones and nails. It’s important to maintain sufficient levels of collagen underneath the skin for elasticity and beauty. Collagen has it’s beauty enhancer attributes mainly because of silica, helping skin preserve a beautiful complexion that is more than internal.

Silica is quickly becoming known as “natures building block” and it’s believe to be the answer to tissue restoration, beautiful skin and strong hair and nails. Silica is an element found everywhere in the human body, and has a direct relationship with mineral absorption. Typically the human body holds about 7 grams of silica, exceeding the amount of other important minerals in the body such as iron. Iron and silica are both essential for the body to carry metabolic ongoing processes that are vital for life. Both of these elements have to be supplied to the body regularly. Its important to know that the amount of silica in the body decreases as the years accumulate, and we age. We must supplement the body with silica to help restored and sustain the skin naturally as we get older.

Silica for stronger bones

Osteoporosis is an indicator of the aging process. As calcium in the body diminishes, our bones become weak and brittle. By using only calcium supplements we cant help the bones from crippling and becoming weak, because the body is not capable of absorbing and using calcium without the presence of silica. Many studies suggest that instead of helping the healing process of the bones, supplementing with calcium can help accelerate the degenerative process of bones, when calcium its not absorb.

Silica can alleviate the pain cause by osteoporosis and help restore the body self repair process. Osteoporosis usually attacks women after menopause, but bone deterioration is known to start much early in their younger days. Currently many women are dying due to hip fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis happens due to the thinning of the bones. Insufficient amount of calcium in the bone matrix causes holes and spaces in the bone structure, giving bones a porous look. Once this happens bones can grow weaker and cause fracture by any minor injury. Bones can be so fragile, that elders may experience fractures cause by stress or ordinary pressure.

To help re-mineralized damage bones, its important to take sufficient amounts of silica daily.
Bones are composed by magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and silica. Silica diminishes fractures by depositing minerals into the bones, especially calcium. Many studies on silica indicate that through a process of transmutation silica transforms into calcium when is needed. Even when the amounts of calcium are not sufficient the body, silica can transform into calcium.

If you are looking for a silica supplement to add to your diet, we recommended you to check out Silalive. Because Silalive contains both beneficial forms of silica. Not only do you get the benefits of organic silica (essential for bone health) but also the cleansing properties of diatomaceous earth, which is inorganic silica

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The Health Benefits Of SIlica

Silica an Amazing mineral that will help you achieve, healthy skin, shiny hair, strong bones, beautiful nails!

Greatest Choice for Health

There are so many healthy products on the market today that many people will inadvertently overlook the most simple and best products for the well-known, advertised products. One of these products is silica. This is a natural mineral similar to glucosamine and chondroitin, but with a more palatable reaction to the most delicate of internal systems. Silica is a natural enhancement product that helps to keep all the joints fit and limber even for those individuals who are suffering with a mild form of arthritis. In some cases, silica has been shown to aid in the delay of the onset of arthritis offering more comfort and freedom for a longer period of time.

Silica provides a unique coating that compliments glucosamine in keeping the cartilage moist and limber while keeping you relatively pain free. Now that is sure something we can all look forward to as we climb the ladder of age.  There are additional advantages to this under the radar product that works well with the skin, hair, and nails too. It provides a type of elastin found in many of the collagen and elastin face and hand creams that help loosening skin to regain its tight appearance. Giving you the opportunity to regain some of your youthful appearance without the costly face-lift.

Visit us for more silica benefits!

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