Silica for Bone Health

Silica is an essential mineral for Bone health. As we get older the amount of silica in our body decreases, leading to wrinkles, skin problems, dull hair, weak bones and nails. It’s important to maintain sufficient levels of collagen underneath the skin for elasticity and beauty. Collagen has it’s beauty enhancer attributes mainly because of silica, helping skin preserve a beautiful complexion that is more than internal.

Silica is quickly becoming known as “natures building block” and it’s believe to be the answer to tissue restoration, beautiful skin and strong hair and nails. Silica is an element found everywhere in the human body, and has a direct relationship with mineral absorption. Typically the human body holds about 7 grams of silica, exceeding the amount of other important minerals in the body such as iron. Iron and silica are both essential for the body to carry metabolic ongoing processes that are vital for life. Both of these elements have to be supplied to the body regularly. Its important to know that the amount of silica in the body decreases as the years accumulate, and we age. We must supplement the body with silica to help restored and sustain the skin naturally as we get older.

Silica for stronger bones

Osteoporosis is an indicator of the aging process. As calcium in the body diminishes, our bones become weak and brittle. By using only calcium supplements we cant help the bones from crippling and becoming weak, because the body is not capable of absorbing and using calcium without the presence of silica. Many studies suggest that instead of helping the healing process of the bones, supplementing with calcium can help accelerate the degenerative process of bones, when calcium its not absorb.

Silica can alleviate the pain cause by osteoporosis and help restore the body self repair process. Osteoporosis usually attacks women after menopause, but bone deterioration is known to start much early in their younger days. Currently many women are dying due to hip fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis happens due to the thinning of the bones. Insufficient amount of calcium in the bone matrix causes holes and spaces in the bone structure, giving bones a porous look. Once this happens bones can grow weaker and cause fracture by any minor injury. Bones can be so fragile, that elders may experience fractures cause by stress or ordinary pressure.

To help re-mineralized damage bones, its important to take sufficient amounts of silica daily.
Bones are composed by magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and silica. Silica diminishes fractures by depositing minerals into the bones, especially calcium. Many studies on silica indicate that through a process of transmutation silica transforms into calcium when is needed. Even when the amounts of calcium are not sufficient the body, silica can transform into calcium.

If you are looking for a silica supplement to add to your diet, we recommended you to check out Silalive. Because Silalive contains both beneficial forms of silica. Not only do you get the benefits of organic silica (essential for bone health) but also the cleansing properties of diatomaceous earth, which is inorganic silica

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